Commodore 8 bit computers

This section contains things related to Commodore 8 bit computers, mostly Commodore 128.

The Commodore 128 DCR with a 1541 Ultimate II+
Modern storage for your 8bit Commodore computer
Commodore 128 device manager function rom
Tech notes for the C128 device manager
Disabling/muting Commodore floppy disk drives


Commodore 128 device manager rom image
Commodore 128 Diagnostic rom revision 789010JB
Revision 789010 with patch to work from both internal and external function rom sockets.
(patch by Bart based on disassembly by Jani)
Commodore 128 Diagnostic rom revision 588121B

General information, hardware, software

H2Obsession has a lot of information and tools for your C128
C128 site by Bil Herd
Website by Bo Zimmerman, lots of documentation, software and archived information
The C-64 Scene Database is the place for demos, scene releases etc
8 bit software by Anders 'Boray' Persson
C128 software by Anders 'Boray' Persson

Development resources

Mapping the Commodore 128 is the ultimate reference for programming the C128
C128 MMU register reference (by Oxyron)
C128 VDC register reference (by Oxyron)
C64/C128 VIC II register reference (by Oxyron)
C64/C128 CIA register reference (by Oxyron)
VDC timing information and discussion
C128 rom disassembly
Codebase 64 has lots of information, examples and code sniplets
Compute's Machine Language Routines for the C64
Commodore disk drive programming

Operating systems and related information

GEOS Today
Contiki C64